Save $$$ and get QUALITY Used Tires.

Single used tires start at $35, but typically average $45-50 including installation. 

Complete matching sets of 4 tires also available.

All used tires are inspected & safe. You can hand pick your tires.

Contact us or submit a request for inventory and exact pricing.

(720) 684-6269
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We sell and install used tires for all cars and trucks. You can buy one tire, two tires, four tires, or as many as you want.

We're located in longmont on main street, just north of mountain view avenue.

1401 Main Street Longmont, CO 80501  |  Open Google Maps


Can't find the used tire you're looking for? >>> Used tire resources

More about used tires

  • Bring your own (BYO) used tires and we'll install them for you.

  • Not sure about the condition of your used tires? We're happy to visually inspect them and provide you with our two cents.

  • Can't find the specific used tire you're looking for? We receive used tire inventory regularly so check back with us. Online marketplaces like Craigslist or Facebook are also a great place to look. It also doesn't hurt to check with a local junk yard.

  • Used tires are primarily traded based on size alone. Trying to find a single used tire with specific size, brand, and product line requirements is almost impossible.

Used Tire Size Specifics

  • We do not stock any 19 inch used tires due to very low demand.