Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell used tires? Yes. >>> Used Tires Page

Can you help me find used tires? Yes, send us a request. >>> Used Tire Request

Can I bring in my own tires for you to install? Yes. Basic tire installation is $15 per tire (mount & balance). Price goes up if you have large after-market rims, very large tires, if tire pressure sensors also need to be installed, etc. 

What payment methods do you accept? We accept all major credit cards but we're not yet cool enough for cryptocurrency. 

Do you have payment options? Yes, we have partnered with Progressive to provide you with payment options. >>> Easy Payments Page

Do you speak English? Si... I mean yes. Lol. 

Do you buy used tires? Potentially, but don't get your hopes up. We cannot offer fair market value for your used tires. Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace is where you will get what your tires are worth. Several factors go into what we can offer you for your used tires. Send us a DM or an email to see if we can make a deal.  

Do you offer vehicle alignments? We do not offer vehicle alignment services at this time. 

Can I bring in my own car parts for installation? If we offer the service/labor, you're welcome to bring your own parts. Or we can get parts for you at no mark-up. 

Do you service motorcycle tires? No. 

What's the deal with the rooster? Rooster in Spanish is gallo — gallito translates to "little rooster" which also happens to be slang for a used tire.