Tire Repair

Usually BACK ON THE ROAD IN 30 minuteS

  • Flat Tire Repair $20 (tire patched from the inside)

  • Specialty Flat Tire Repair Starting at $25

    • Large Diameter Wheel

    • Large Diameter Tire

    • Low Profile Tire

    • Puncture Requiring a Patch Plug

  • Slow Air Leaks

  • Valve Stem Replacement

  • Bead Re-Seating

  • Tire Balance (steering wheel bouncing/pulsating)

  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Light Indicator On

  • TPMS Replacement and Reprogramming

  • Stripped or Stuck Lug Nut

  • Cross Threaded Wheel Stud


Same Day Service. Walk-Ins Welcome.

Rim Repair

Slow air leaks? Dirt & grime along the bead seats can cause air to leak. We can clean all around the rim so that the tire bead seats/seals properly and does not leak air.  We can also repair slightly bent rims that do not require welding. We will gladly take a look at your wheel, find the problem, and do our best to fix it.

For major rim repair that requires welding, check out Manny's Welding Shop in Denver. 

Manny's Welding Shop
(303) 868 - 3721
4881 Washington St. Denver, CO 80216
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Gallito Tires is NOT affiliated with Manny's Welding Shop.